Sunday, December 23, 2012

diy bracelet slave

                                                            diy bracelet slave
                      i get inspiration by this gold bracelet slave so i made two gold & silver

                                                               i hope you like it



                                                                    *_*  ENJOY


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

diy collar necklace

                           diy collar necklace


                           i'm sorry iwas going to put video,but i faced some technical problems,
                                                                            so i am going to do it step by setp

                                                                                                     : we will need

                                                                                                          black cotton fabric
                                                                                                          fusible interfacing
                                                                                                                   hook & eyes

                                                                                   step 1:
                                                 make the pattern
                                                                                                                            step 2 :

                                       we put the pattern in the cotton fabric  and we cut two pieces

                                                                                                                           :step 3                                                            
                      then i am going to apply fusible interfacing on the two pieces and iron it
                                                               : step 4
                                                         now face the two pieces together   
and sew the two pieces together and leave about 2 inch gap in the middle
                                                           : step 5
 after we sew it cut the corner and flip it inside out then iron it
and sew all the way close to the edge to give it stucture
                                                       : step 6
now we turn the top down to match the bottom    
then we do couple stitch to secure it we do the same thing
with the hook & eyes
done <3<3
and now we decorate it with stud and chain 
final project

Sunday, November 25, 2012

diy mustache and wing ring

                       diy mustache and wing ring

             this is amazing jewellery i made it with a game cover 

                 it is easy and cute and we don't need a lot thing 

                                    be creative and enjoy ^_^


Sunday, November 18, 2012

diy mustache ring

                                             diy mustache ring

                                              easy & cute ring    


Monday, November 12, 2012

diy audrey hepburn t-shirt

                                                   today we going to make t-shirt diy      
                              audrey hepburn is a fashion icon 

                                              and i love her
                             so we going to painting her in a t-shirt

DIY safety pin bracelet

This blogger  for all fashion lover its about diy and fashion and we going to
start this with my first diy    
                                     how to make safety pin bracelet
                                 its easy and fashionable bracelet