Sunday, December 23, 2012

diy bracelet slave

                                                            diy bracelet slave
                      i get inspiration by this gold bracelet slave so i made two gold & silver

                                                               i hope you like it



                                                                    *_*  ENJOY


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

diy collar necklace

                           diy collar necklace


                           i'm sorry iwas going to put video,but i faced some technical problems,
                                                                            so i am going to do it step by setp

                                                                                                     : we will need

                                                                                                          black cotton fabric
                                                                                                          fusible interfacing
                                                                                                                   hook & eyes

                                                                                   step 1:
                                                 make the pattern
                                                                                                                            step 2 :

                                       we put the pattern in the cotton fabric  and we cut two pieces

                                                                                                                           :step 3                                                            
                      then i am going to apply fusible interfacing on the two pieces and iron it
                                                               : step 4
                                                         now face the two pieces together   
and sew the two pieces together and leave about 2 inch gap in the middle
                                                           : step 5
 after we sew it cut the corner and flip it inside out then iron it
and sew all the way close to the edge to give it stucture
                                                       : step 6
now we turn the top down to match the bottom    
then we do couple stitch to secure it we do the same thing
with the hook & eyes
done <3<3
and now we decorate it with stud and chain 
final project